April 21, 2021

Nelson Mandela will remain with us and among us

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela will remain with us and among us. Today, humanity has lost the most important symbol of a century. Nelson Mandela is no longer among us; this majestic rock of resistance, freedom and equality between people and against racism and discrimination. Mandela leaving us has left behind the biggest lessons in ethics, values and principles and struggle in the world that transformed significant and noble words into merely goods on the market.

Nelson Mandela has left us. He has been the commander of the most important battle against colonization and racial discrimination in contemporary times, and the most important battle in the civil peaceful transition to democracy. The people of South Africa did not record just this victory over apartheid, but also won over all tendencies of revenge, retaliation and blind violence that can accompany the process of a transition of this magnitude of hatred, injustice, indignities and crimes. Can any force in this world assassinate the significant memory of this great symbol? I do not think so, because human beings are in dire need of a thousand Mandellas everywhere, from Palestine to the black continent, and oppressed countries and countries which are burned because they moved away from the great compass like this giant figure. I thank the days that made it possible for me to meet this exceptional person, and I always keep my share of hope that peoples deserve such leaders in order to return proudly to their history, with kindness and honor for human beings.


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