October 22, 2018

Islam and women’s rights

numérisation0011-e1446742574190Day after day, events prove that the talk of change, freedom, dignity and revolution has no credibility in the absence of full commitment to the abolition of the concept of a woman needing a man’s permission in all matters. Such talk has no credibility absent the full endorsement of the idea of complete equality in rights, duties, and freedom from restrictions developed by humans in the name of tradition and religion to satisfy latent whims born of obsession with power, money and sex. The majority of Takfiri (Puritanical) teachings are manifested in the emphasis on control over base instincts, the burying of wisdom and rationality, and returning not to the past, but to the law of the jungle.
Author of 42 books (five on Women rights and 21 on Human Rights).
Director of the short universal Encyclopaedia of Human Rights. Haytham Manna is one of the most important researchers on Human Rights and human sciences today. This book is a good illustration of his method to create the societal basic of Human Rights Universality.

GNRD-W begin with this book a serial publication on women rights.

first edition: 2001 Cairo institute for human rights

second edition; 2011 Arabe commission for human rights

third edition; Bisan 2015

Global Network for rights and development  GNRD in collaboration with scandinavian institute for human rights  SIHR

Post source : Books 2015

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